While I'm Here

In 2020, I experienced a series of personal tragedies I could have never imagined unfolding much less prepare for. My cat, my father, and my mother were all diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer within the span of a few months. Both my cat and father are now gone while my mother is currently battling her illness. I am currently residing in Israel with my mother to provide support and care. It is a time of uncertainty and day-by-day living.

While I am in this care-taking role faraway from home and my usual subjects of Bay Area landscapes and protest, I am focusing my lens on the quirky felines of this neighborhood. Even on the toughest days, I find such happiness seeing a cat scurry across the walls to find food scraps or nap comfortably splayed on a neighbor's truck. These creatures teach daily about loss and survival and I'm here for the lesson.

© 2022 - Shira Bezalel

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